19 Jul 2012

Jungle Ropes Safari

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Tree-Mendous is pleased to announce the opening of San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Jungle Ropes Safari. Jungle Ropes Safari is one of our most exciting aerial adventure parks to date. There are three different courses at the park, each offering more than a dozen different elements. If you’re ready for a big adventure, the rope bridges, aerial tightropes, swinging log steps, moving platforms, and zip lines will keep your adrenaline flowing with heights up to thirty-five feet off the ground!

Tree-Mendous San Diego Zoo Safari Park Jungle Ropes Safari

Tree-Mendous designs all of our aerial adventure courses with your safety guiding each and every decision we make. Before you begin, the zoo’s fully-trained staff will train and provide instruction on how to navigate the course safely. While you enjoy your adventure, you’ll use a Smart Belay system with the staff on-hand for assistance. The Smart Belay system is a revolution in self-belaying products and aerial adventure park visitor safety. With conventional self-protection systems, users can completely detach themselves from the safety system. The Smart Belay uses a system of interconnected pulley carabiners (a carabiner is metal loop with a sprung gate). If one of the carabiners is open, the other will not open until its partner (in this case, the rope course operator) is clipped and closed on the safety cable.

Click here to view a video on the Smart Belay system.

Our words can only do so much. With Jungle Ropes Safari, seeing is truly believing. That being said, we were happy to discover the good folks at the zoo created a video that captures the spirit and energy of the course:

San Diego Zoo Blogger Matt Steele had the following to say about Jungle Ropes Safari:

“When I first heard a ‘ropes course’ was being installed at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, my first reaction was ‘ropes what!?’ I had never heard of a ropes course. I had an idea that it might be some kind of obstacle course, but I never envisioned the otherworldly treetop labyrinth that is Jungle Ropes Safari. When you head to the Safari Park and see it for yourself, you’ll know what I mean. It’s pretty impressive. I was lucky enough to be offered a sneak peek at Jungle Ropes Safari, and I can safely say it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done.”

Free Preview of Jungle Ropes Safari on July 19th

San Diego Zoo Jungle Ropes Safari Tree-Mendous

The San Diego Zoo is offering the chance of a free Jungle Ropes Safari preview to “a few adventurous families” on July 19th at 9am. To enter:

  1. Follow Safari Park on Twitter.
  2. Tweet these exact words:“My family wants a free ride on #JungleRopesSafari at the @sdzsafaripark on July 19!”
  3. Sit tight and see if you’ve won!

You can also “like” San Diego Safari Park on Facebook for a chance to win. Please remember the following safety restrictions before submitting:

  1. Children must be at least 7 years old to participate.
  2. Participants must be between 50 and 275 lbs., fit in the provided harness, and have a reach of 55 inches (measured from the sole of the foot to the up-stretched tips of the fingers).
  3. Participants must wear secure, closed-toed footwear.

If you’re planing a trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, call (619) 718-3000 to speak with a zoo representative, review options and choose the perfect combo for you and your family!


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