Smart Belay System

This revolutionary and award winning safety product sets aside fear and concern. Belaying with conventional self protection systems can carry the risk of the user completely detaching themselves from the safety lines.  EDELRID has removed this concern with the revolutionary Smart Belay System.   With this System of communicating  interconnected pulley/carabiners, you will move freely at any height.  If one carabiner is open the other carabiner realizes this, and when utilized properly, will not open until the other carabiner is clipped and closed on the safety cable. Only then can the other carabiner be unclipped. Therefore an accidental complete unclipping is virtually impossible. The advantage is increased safety for the visitor, less risk and more peace of mind for the operator.

The pulley wheels in the carabiner head replace the need for an additional double pulley for the ziplines and also reduce the wear on cables and makes it easier for patrons to move along the safety lines.  The slick ergonomic design of the Smart Belay System allows easy operation by children and adults alike.

The Smart Belay System received the Outdoor Industry award for Most Innovative Product in 2009 for this revolutionary self belaying concept.

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