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Smart Belay System

Safety is our top priority so our parks utilize the Edelrid Smart Belay Safety (Smart) system.  This dual carabiner system utilizes advanced technology to prevent both carabiners from opening while the person is attached to the safety line.  With this system, nobody can accidentally disconnect from the safety line during their Adventure.

The Smart adds to the experience by providing the sense of active interaction.  Every guest will immediately recognize the safety factor the device provides as they clip and un-clip the carabiners along the various safety lines.  The feeling of security and accomplishment will increase their confidence level.

With the Smart you save cost and gain reliability. Your insurance carrier will acknowledge the added safety the Smart provides and this will be reflected in a decrease in premiums. The repair statistics reflect the extreme reliability of the Smart. Typical, the repair ratio for the Smart is only about 4 in a 1000 units per year, thus less than 1% of units in use. (Abuse and extreme dirt accumulation can lead to higher rates).

The company behind the Smart system is Edelrid, a 150 year old German company who is among the most innovative on the market. Not only did they invent the Kernmantel (Static) rope but also developed and supply parts for Mercedes and BMW.

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