High-Tech Zip-Line

The photo above shows a Pfeifer Hi-Tech Zip-Line cable produced in Germany with an attached Edelrid Smart Belay (with a cutaway casing that is not normally shipped).  This new generation of hi-tech cable has been especially designed for zip-lines with increased strength and endurance.  While normal zip line cables will last between 25,000 and 30,000 runs, this hi-tech zip-line will last 5 to 8 times longer.

The cable has been developed by one of the oldest and largest cable companies in the world, Pfeifer, who has been producing rope since the late 1500’s. To produce this cable, each strand is individually galvanized and twisted together.  The resulting cable is compressed through a specialized process that reduces it’s diameter by 16%. Because of the compression process the cable does not have to be reset after it is hung. During this process the temperature of the cable increases, further enhancing the galvanization and creating an even stronger zink/steel bond.   The resulting cable is extremely dense, water resistant and much smoother than conventional cable.

The major advantages of using the Pfeifer Zip-Line cable over other cables is the significant long-term reduction in costs. These savings are created by: the cable lasting 5-8 times longer than other cable; less maintenance as the cable is compressed and will not require re-tensioning; reducing the labor expense involved in replacing the lines; significantly extending the life cycle of the pulleys; reducing the down time while lines are replaced.

This cable is available in a variety of dimensions and based on quantity and we can produce specific cable per your specifications.

Please give us a call to explore how this cable can benefit you.